Hogar Club

About us

Hogar Club was founded in 1989, joining WRHC Cadena Azul 1550 and La Poderosa 670. Different executives such as Salvador Lew, Melanio Miguel, Gilberto Rosal, Ana Maria Rodriguez and Jorge Rodriguez were the promoters of this idea.

The initial motive for Hogar Club was that listeners were entitled to gifts, travel, discounts, etc, offering our customers. For this reason, it is organized under specific rules and regulations, distribute these gifts in the air in the various programs and through special events. Subsequently, created the Hogar Club Travel Club, which aims to offer our members travel in and out of Florida.

In the programming of La Poderosa and Cadena Azul is devoted to space for businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs who are associated with the "Road to Success" special plan of Home Club.

Hogar Club currently has more than 190,000 members who benefit from activities and competitions are promoted on both stations, with the presence of sponsors and participating businesses.


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